1330 - Sport Thermal Waist Cincher

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Product Description

You’ll feel and look fabulous every time you leave the house when you wear this Colombian slimming waist cincher from Bonita Bella. Get yours here today.

You’ll feel and look fabulous every time you leave the house when you wear this slimming waist cincher from Bonita Bella.
Enjoy an immediate body makeover, effortlessly!


     High-quality materials

      High compression

      Hypoallergenic fabric

      Comprehensive bust and/or back support

      Bust & butt lifting capabilities

      Both instant & long term figure-enhancing effect

    Can be worn as daily undergarment; from the workplace to party and even to gym

    Available in a variety of colors

    Reasonable price

    Product Description:

    • Wear this thermal waist trainer for a flawless look every time you leave the house.
    • Achieve instant slimness on your midsection when you use this effortless Colombian waist cincher.
    • You can wear this waist cincher under any outfit.
    • You’ll love how the flexible stretch material makes this waist cincher comfortable to wear.

    This waist cincher is made from a stretch material that provides effective compression, a thermal slimming effect, and a comfortable wearing experience, all at the same time. Why hinder your mobility when you can get the latest in Colombian shapewear technology? Plus, with three different rows of clasps, you’ll be able to adjust the tightness for the perfectly flat abdomen that you want.

    Wear with any outfit and instantly eliminate the need to try on an endless amount of tops and dresses to see which looks best on your waist.

    Your waist will become perfect for any outfit, and you’ll even improve your posture!


    • Thermal / Térmico
    • Flattens Abdomen / Aplana abdomen
    • Orthopedic / Ortopédico
    • Corrects Posture / Corrige postura

    Material  Compression 
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