1337 - Double Control Waist Cincher


Product Description

 Are you struggling with those last extra pounds and have a special event coming up that you need to look your best for? Try our Double Control Waist Cincher that highlights your figure and accentuates all the right curves, all while sculpting your midsection. Find out more about the women's shapewear that creates curvature in any woman!

This waist cincher has double structural rods built-in, and a 3-position internal hook closure, making it fit perfectly every time you wear it!

The double control feature corrects your posture and offers you back support.

The antibacterial fabric makes the cincher ideal if you’re going through a post-surgery or postpartum recovery.

Your enhanced waistline and flattened abdomen will beg to be highlighted by every one of your outfits!

    If you’re ready to enhance your figure with a body cincher, look no further than the Double Control Waist cincher! Our product is the best in women’s shapewear because of the amazing fit that includes built-in rods and a 3-position internal hook closure; as your shape changes, so does the waist cincher! If you’re looking for posture alignment, the double control feature will offer additional back support and postural correction.

    Our shapewear also highlights antibacterial fabric which is ideal to have if you’re postpartum or post-surgery; the material will help keep you healthy, while flattening your abdomen and highlighting your curves.

    Available Colors: Negro/Black, Piel/ Nude

    Women’s Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL

    Material  Compression 
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